Project Overview

This website is used for the movie fans as an entertainment. Mainly, I have had collected the Adventure movies from 2000's until present. As well as all the movies represent a diverse range of multiple genres, such as Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Drama, etc.

Every single page will demonstrate all the information, which includes the title of movie, the year of release, the average rating, the type of genres, the US certificates, the length of running time, and a photo of movie poster, this will be used for categorizing by different movie genres, rating or decades. Moreover, the additional information about director, stars, film locations, a brief plot, and all the data will directly retrieve from the database as well.

This website is created by PHP/MySQL. In order to have a variety of modern features in the website. Not only there are some functionalities by using the navigation shortcut links, filter by the category, and search for the certain director or movie stars, but also it will provide two features that are more interesting. The users can watch the latest Movie Trailers or immediately display the filming locations on Google Map, much more fun!

Regarding the data management by an administrator, who has to Login with the secured username and password in order to access the database with the permission of CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete).

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